FAQ - Frequent asked questions about the new proxy


  1. Which username and password should I use?

    Students: Your username and password are the same as the ones you use to read e-mail at webmail, to access the University's computers and to log on to the student server "rasmus".

    Staff: To log on you need the same username and password as you use to read mail on

    More information on SEBRA

  2. Do I need to change settings in my browser?
    No, in contrast to our previous version of proxy access, all you need to do is to make sure that cookies are enabled.
    See instructions for different web browsers; Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Why can I not access the database of my choice?
    Check whether your UoB user account is active, see SEBRA
    Make sure that you accessed the database from the library portal If you tried to access the database from other sources e.g. Google, you might not be recognized as a UoB user.
  4. Do I need to use VPN in addition?
    No, not for access to the library's resources
  5. Why does the journal ask for username and password (not UoB's regular window)?
    Make sure that you accessed the journal from the library portal or the UBB-button/More @UiB. If you tried to access the journal from other sources, you might not be recognized as a UoB user.


  6. How to remove old proxy settings?
    The former proxy (cache-server) at UoB will be removed. Old settings in your browser must therefore be cleared for normal access to internet. See how to clear previous web proxy configuration settings from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.




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